Communality has many benefits if people are prepared to take at least some part in its implementation but a major disadvantage is that if owners fail to become involved in the management of THEIR property (albeit communally) there is a risk those who represent them (or claim to represent them) may not provide the “management” they expect.

In theory each and every owner of a property is entitled to influence how the common areas (all areas outside individual dwellings) should be organised and managed and how their money (the service charge) should be spent.

Some residents wonder if the service charge is unnecessarily high and if it is being wisely spent.

Some residents wonder why some directors appear to make decisions without consulting anybody other than their cronies and make rules that could not be legally enforced because the constitution of KGMC does not give them such powers.
Not even when they call themselves Directors, the constitution of the KGMC defines them as “Stewards”

Some residents suggest how Kingsley Green could be better managed but they are usually the better qualified professional residents who may be too busy to get involved in running the site (or do not wish to be associated with the current regime)

It is unfortunate that here as in similar establishments the people best qualified to manage, organise and communicate are the least likely to crave power or meaningless titles which is a great pity because it provides opportunities for “management” by well meaning (but less capable) people or by self seeking individuals (possibly with vested interests) who crave power and meaningless titles and may be inclined to represent only themselves and their cronies.
It is worthy of note that even Howard Jones expressed serious concerns about this.
Howard Jones was an employee of Braemar Estates and involved in the “management” of Kingsley Green.
He was so concerned by the actions of some former directors he suggested that somebody should appoint solicitors to question the legality of their actions -
Howard was not notable for being even handed or unbiased which made his concern even more significant.

We have some new directors - hopefully they might act a little more as representatives and less as dictators.
But even the best directors cannot represent residents effectively if residents do not communicate with them.
Communicate - make suggestions -  ask questions - get answers - insist on being consulted.
Kingsley Green is yours not theirs.
Don’t leave everything to “someone else” if you do you may get the “management” you deserve.

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