Monument to nepotism

Erecting fences and planting private hedges is very clearly prohibited in our leases - for very good reasons.

Some years ago a director (just before he retired) awarded himself the privilege to cordon off a substantial area of common land by planting a hedge - his wife called it “my private fence” and claimed a substantial area of adjacent land as “my private land”.

The directors at the meeting at which this unconstitutional award was made insisted that the barrier hedge should be paid for and maintained by the director in question. (They had no authority whatsoever to make the award regardless of the conditions they imposed)

When the directors were asked to justify their generous award of common land to their crony they refused to to do so.

Our “managing” agents confirmed that they had advised the directors against it and promised to make it a matter for urgent discussion at the next AGM - but it was mysteriously missing from the agenda and the person who tried to raise the matter was not allowed to speak……………………………………………………………………………………????

After the AGM owner of the hedge proudly boasted -WE stitched yer up good and proper so yer cudd’nt speak at the AGM”
By saying WE he indicates he had help from other directors - but who were his co-conspirators?

The owner of the hedge has recently moved from Kingsley Green.

Some of the nepotistic directors (AKA cronies club) have now resigned or moved.

The unsightly, obstructive and dangerous hedge (see note) should not now become an additional burden for our ground maintenance team at the expense of other residents.
Our current directors should ensure that the hedge is removed and the land is made good at the expense of its owner
rather than allow it to become a monument to the nepotism of their predecessors - and it should be removed before somebody loses an eye.

If the owner cannot be made to pay the cost it should be removed at the expense of the irresponsible directors - who were always so quick to quote “the lease” and “the rules” to berate others - but only too happy to ignore them for the benefit their cronies.

Some of the illegally planted hedge plants/trees have very sharp spikes which in summer protrude more than a metre into the car park.
One resident who accidentally touched it when parking a car has a permanently scarred lower eyelid.
Just one millimetre higher and he would almost certainly.have lost an eye.

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