Recently a resident was verbally abused and insulted by a woman who could be best described as Hyacinth MK2.
(Shrieks much louder even than Hyacinth MK1)
The woman was accompanied by a male (arrogant and insulting but with less volume than his “lady” friend) and by another interfering female busybody who just wanted to get involved.

The woman DEMANDED that the resident move a car FROM A VISITOR SPACE she FALSELY claimed is allocated to her residence in her deeds - which she claimed to have readily available in her lounge.

She was offered ONE THOUSAND POUNDS IN CASH if her deeds would prove what she screamed but amazingly she turned down the offer of such easy money and in hope of intimidating her victim continued to scream with a volume that would make a fog horn sound pathetic. Screaming and stamping their feet in a tantrum might work for 5 or 6 year old children - but at 50 or 60……???

While the woman was performing her fog horn impression EIGHT parking spaces were available including her allocated space and her car was parked BESIDE the vehicle she was screaming about so if she had succeeded in her ridiculous attempt at intimidation by noise pollution she would have been able to move her car by ONE SPACE which would have placed it one more space FURTHER AWAY from her allocated space which was vacant.

That was her second fog horn recital – her first was early on a Sunday morning when in pouring rain – dressed only in her bath robe and slippers -
even Hyacinth MK1 had more decorum than that - she screamed her demands with deafening volume.
How pathetic she looked - her bath robe and slippers were getting soaked with rain - and she apparently failed to notice that while she was performing her aquatic fog horn impression the resident at whom she was screaming was sitting comfortably in a warm dry car.
And there were seven vacant car park spaces – including her allocated space!
Perhaps she was just practising to compete in a “Ms wet bathrobe” contest!!!

Having twice failed to deafen the owner of the car she later tried screaming insults at his wife and terrified their young daughter in the process.

When you see the police in Kingsley Green you will know why they are here.

To avoid more examples of this sort of behaviour visitor spaces should be be marked.

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