In theory Kingsley Green could be described as a democracy where each and every owner of a property is entitled to influence how the common areas (all areas outside individual dwellings) should be organised and managed and how their money (the service charge) should be spent.

Individual properties are leasehold but the freehold of the overall site is owned by the Kingsley Green Management Company Limited which is owned by the residents in common so in a curious sense the residents are (collectively) their own landlord.

Because there is a degree of interdependence between properties and to protect the communal concept of the site the leases contain covenants to protect against actions by residents that might undermine the communality of the site or might be detrimental to the interests of other tenants/owners.
(Owners are legally defined as tenants because properties are leasehold)

In Practice the communality of the site has been been undermined by some former directors who awarded privileges and exclusive use of areas of communal land to themselves and their cronies.
The directors in question have been challenged about their right to make such awards but they refuse to explain or justify their actions.

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