The vast majority of residents are normal decent people but a few self appointed dictators of Kingsley Green’s “standards” who seem to be demented by delusions of grandeur believe it should be run as an exclusive private members club and ruled on the basis of their seniority (or senility) where anybody considered to be “not our sort of person” and “little foreign wives” should be ousted from their “private” domain and banished to subsist in “a little semi somewhere”

Who do they think they are? - and where - they live in modest terraced houses - we all do.

In their pathetic attempts to enforce their “private” decrees they demonstrate their intellectual superiority by eloquently uttering profound statements like:-

“Gerrinto yer little house and tell yer little foreign wife to do her washing the way I do mine”

“Gerroff my private f****n grass yeuse”
 “Weeeve bin eere longer den yeuse”
“And yer berrer gerrit in yer f****n edd cos ill f****n lay one on yer”
“Wen we gess ridda yeuse weeere gonner ave a f****n big paaartssy”

Such statements can be amusing if one is prepared to mock the moronic but they can be terrifying for people who have been made painfully aware that their different appearance makes them easy targets for bigots.
Many residents may not be aware of the existence of the “little foreigners” who live here.
They are rarely visible because for many years they have been afraid to venture further than from their home to their cars.



The people you call “little foreigners” are not

“dem little foreign wives yer buy on the internet”.
They are British Citizens.

They are not state subsidised tenants - they are owners who in taxes alone contribute more than enough to the British economy to pay your pensions so don’t bother making more anonymous [you think] calls to the Council or to the Immigration Service, VAT, HMRC or whatever other authority your tiny minds can dream up.
 You are wasting your time - it has all been done already.

And don’t forget there is a freedom of information act.

The actions of a few unrepresentative bigots and the adverse publicity that will result from the reactions of the people they so ardently strive to oust from their “private” domain will  undermine the reputation of Kingsley Green and cause it to be perceived as a worthless haven for ruffians, bigots and curtain twitching busybodies.