No prizes - just for fun


Can you guess who made them?

“That fence is to stop the postman taking a shortcut past my private windows”

“Erecting fences is very clearly prohibited in “the lease” you are always quoting”

“Yes, I know, but WE are on the committee”

“You are not allowed to have a TV aerial in Kingsley Green”
“But what is that on your roof?”

“Yes, I know, but WE are on the committee”

“That’s my f*****g parking space.

“It is not the one allocated to your property in your deeds”

“Yes, I know, but WE are on the committee”

“Move it - move it - park it there or I’ll f*****g  lay one on yer”

“An I’ll give yer f*****g hell till yer do worr I tel yer.”

 Which former director?

“I am not a lawyer and I am not interested in the law, we (meaning the committee) will just continue to make your family’s lives a misery until you do what we say”.

 Which former director?

WE stitched yer up good and proper so yer cudd’nt speak at the AGM”
By saying WE he indicates he had help - but who were his co-conspirators?

Gerroff my f*****g hedge

“That hedge contravenes the terms of the lease you are always quoting”.
“Yes, I know, but I was on the committee”

Gerroff my private f*****g grass.

Actually it is not YOUR grass it is EVERYBODY’S grass.

“Gerrinto yer little house and tell yer little foreign wife to do her washing
the way me and my friend do ours”

Hell hath no fury……………………………..………………???

“Wen we gess ridda yeuse weeere gonner ave a f****n big paaartssy”

For WHITE people only perhaps???