Situated about one and a half miles from the Cheshire market town of Frodsham, Kingsley Green (formerly a children's home) is now a private park containing
fifty two residences of various types and sizes.

The land (about eight acres) is owned by residents in common who collectively pay to maintain it and are legally entitled [in theory - if not in practice]  to enjoy unrestricted access to all its beautifully landscaped areas.

A great place to live?

Residents who keep themselves to themselves and mind their own business are not always aware of what is happening around them or what is being done in their name by those who claim to represent them.

This website was originally published to encourage residents to become better informed.

In recent years, management by (some) more competent and more enlightened committee members and better managing agents has made Kingsley Green a better place to live
(and for some residents safer) but the recent actions of ONE individual are in danger of reversing those improvements and putting Kingsley Green back by 20 years.

To reflect the improvements the author has recently been spending valuable time preparing to update this website but the update will be delayed because an interfering process, which will cost time and money (possibly residents money) has been initiated by a recently arrived resident who knows little of the history of Kingsley Green and to whom the word NO needed to be explained when the editor refused to accede to his demand to take control of this website because HE does not like it.
Who does this person think he is?

Our rights to free speech and freedom of expression are important.
(Only tyrants and dictators would try to suppress them)

The past cannot be reversed.
 History is not always what some people would like it to be but it is something from which we should learn.

 If we allow history to be suppressed or re-written to suit busybodies or petty dictators
we run the the risk of repetition.